I am a California transplant who now calls Austin, TX home and I have an obsession with charcuterie boards and breakfast tacos, will never pass up on a glass of wine or coffee (specifically an americano with a dash of cream) and I love hosting dinner gatherings. 

It all began at an events venue that had 40+ events on the books but wasn’t profitable because they weren’t reaching their ideal client who could afford a higher price point. I remember driving down a dusty road lined with gorgeous trees that were next to acres of citrus. I was then greeted by the sweetest owner who told me the history of his property that has been in their family since 1927. This property was 20 minutes from my house and I wondered why on earth no one knew about this property (and that gorgeous tree lane) and the story that lived within it? 

Within just a few months I helped this venue become PROFITABLE after updating the visuals on all their digital marketing platforms + website but also created a new brand creative direction that included the rich history of the property and visuals that would sell...which included that dusty tree lined road which is now referred to as ‘tree lane’. 

This property is now a premier events venue, has been published in numerous well known wedding blogs and has been able to expand their team and continue to make property improvements to provide a better client experience. 

Those results began with powerful imagery paired a strategic plan and I believe there are other businesses out there who have untold stories or are feeling overwhelmed with how to market + share their business product/service and I want to come alongside you to tell your story well. 

I'm Kim ! I'm so glad you're here.


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The designs we create will always be story led and inspired by our clients brand stories, or colors and textures found within set surroundings or objects found within everyday life. Our designs will always have meaning and intention and we will never deliver a design simply trying to follow the latest trends. 

is simple and rooted in meaning 

Powerful design 

This business was made up of human beings, so yes that means were not perfect and mistakes will tend to happen but we will always be honest with you and have integrity guide every decision made for our clients just as we would do for any of our close friends or family members. 

Honesty + Integrity

OUR guiding principles ARE

The Venue Studio is an inclusive businesses that desires to provide a seat at the table to clients of various backgrounds, experiences and values and we do this because we believe it’s in our differences that unites us all together. 


Everyone deserves a seat

Core Values

Around here, I live by a few:

At The Venue Studio , we believe in breathing life into brands,
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